[Gasification] Carbonite PDF

Arnt Karlsen arnt at c2i.net
Sat Dec 31 05:22:02 CST 2011

On Fri, 30 Dec 2011 18:24:46 -0500, Jeff wrote in message 
<1325287486.1447.9.camel at jeff-laptop>:

> Howdy Arnt & Greg,
> Thanks but I'll pass on the side order of warmed over chicken pooh...
> By the way, Arnt, did you ever find a suction-gas tribe that would let
> you into their country?

..let's just say I've learned to not waste time on climate deniers 
in dope mob run states who expect to fund my arrival on Norwegian 
government grants. ;o)

..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt Karlsen
...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
  Scenarios always come in sets of three: 
  best case, worst case, and just in case.

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