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  There are no teeth on either the stationary aperture nor the rotating-element.
The rotating-element is a beveled trapezoid of tool-steel rolled into a half-cylinder by cross-peen hammer, die, and tongs.
It was heated  to incandescence with blown wood charcoal for rolling. 
It was then welded to a heavy disc with generous fillet inside, and deep perimeter scarf filled with weld.
The weldment was then trued in an engine lathe between centers of it's own keyed hub, and shaft.

    Slight clearance is tolerated between rotating-element and stationary-aperture, however, the two shall not touch.
Heavy thrust, and journal bearings are required to hold the slow-speed shaft in rigid radial, and axial alignment.
I find only special bearings to be adequate.


  Only Jussi Aysto, Wayne Kieth and me have built axial-chunkers so far.
Jussi, and Wayne both use tough truck-axles.
I wanted a machine that could move in the forest nimbly where severe equipment limitations exist.

  I shall post the link to the GEK-wiki, soon:


 Never blink when feeding this beast!
It needs a gravity-hopper with spring-loaded log-stops.
Toss in a log, and stand clear.

Andrew Schofield

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