[Gasification] Enventix: Syngas and Biochar from Waste

Tom Miles tmiles at trmiles.com
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There seem to be two approaches to using plasma in biomass gasification: as
an igniter and as a reformer. Two companies use the plasma as a super "hot
plate" that they dump biomass onto in an updraft gasifier. This is the
AlterNRG approach. http://www.alternrg.ca/ 
They are able to make a gas that is low in oxygen and rich in CO and H2
while supplying only about 3% of the input energy as electricity. The rest
is from the biomass. 

There are other plasma reformers coupled with updraft gasifiers. There was a
project proposed in Canada using this approach with a PRM gasifier.
http://gasifiers.bioenergylists.org/prmemay2007 http://www.prmenergy.com/ I
don't know if this project has snapped, crackled or popped.

Los Angeles Country looked at plasma gasifiers for waste a couple of years


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Dear Tom,

I've often thought that a modified updraft gas producer coupled to a
plasma reactor could be a lot of fun when working with waste feedstocks.

Snap crackle and pop,


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