[Gasification] Manure Gasifier in Colorado

Li CHEN chen at sol3d.com
Thu Jan 20 03:11:55 CST 2011

Hi list members,

Concerning manure, I was contacted by a farmer recently who wanted to 
treat his chicken manure.

He have chicken manure (only manure, no bed material) with a moiture of 
13%m (drying is done directly by the heat given by chicken...it seems 
that this heat will be lost if it is not used to dry chicken manure).

This manure can not be used in a biogas plant due to its low moisture 

Actually, in France, manure gasification or incineration should meet the 
requirement of MSW incineration.

I am looking for manure thermal treaters, but it seems that though some 
companies claimed on their website that their technologies could gasify 
or burn manure, when I contact them, they say they are not focus on this 


Le 19/01/2011 17:58, Tom Miles a écrit :
> Benjamin,
> Thanks. Biogas is a great route for manure. Thermal gasification of 
> manure has always been a challenge.
> Tom
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> Tom, here an manure tent fueling Chevrolet 262 engine;
> http://www.youtube.com/user/ger261#p/u/1/2gU6PC-_JU8
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