[Gasification] Manure Gasifier in Colorado

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 Greetings Jeff, (and list members).

 Jeff, If I was to run 8 hours a day, that would be about the rough length
of time a seed bag would last (give or take a day).

 A good approximation of most non-densified bio-mass, is that a standard 5
gallon pail is about 4.5 kg worth of dry (under 15% mc), this would be about
1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours of heating in one of our downdraft heating plants.

There are roughly 5 - 5 gallon pails to a bushel, and about 10 bushels to a
seed bag.

 So 50 pails in a seed bag.  7 times 8 is 56, so 7 days at 8 hours would
roughly be 56 pails or just over one seed bag, if we conservatively say,
"one hour a pail".

Side note: My own location has a  very high heat load, as we heat 3
buildings, as well as the domestic hot water (side arm on the houses' DHW).

75,000 BTU/hr. during the night, and 30,000 BTU/hr. during the days
(roughly) at minus -30 below C. (give or take).


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Dear Greg,

I tip my hat to you! If it was me I would be looking for enough to run a
week eight hours a day.

Keep up the good work,


On Thu, 2011-01-20 at 06:03 -0600, Greg Manning wrote:
> I found that a "seed bag" (what farmers use for transporting crop
> seed) about 1 m3, is an ideal test sample size,



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