[Gasification] Gasifier Automation Circuitry for Sale

Greg Manning a31ford at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 06:47:13 CST 2011

Greetings List(s).

(This posting is both a note, and a question, see below).

I've finalized the electronics needed to automate the control of a gasifier.

The functions include:

 1) Fuel movement into the gasifier.

 2) Fuel delivery problem detected, shutdown (& alarm).

 3) Over draw alarm. (adjustable set point)

 4) High Limit (heating application)

 5) Demand / Idle Cycle (heating)

 6) Cyclic "Cleaning Cycle" (heating)

 7) Digital Water Temperature (heating)

I'm looking at ordering a supply of pre-manufactured boards, that I would
simply populate and assemble.

The circuit board can be ordered populated, in motive or heating designs, OR
un-populated as a bare board, that you would add the required components to.

 Heating will also work in motive, BUT motive will NOT work in heating,
unless the additional components are added to the board.

Included with each board will be a complete schematic for both versions, a
parts list, and suggested sources (by quantity, not a referral) for parts
required, application notes, and "do's and don'ts".

The fuel transport sensors are included with a pre-populated board (both

Is there any interest from the communities for these ?

(Should I go into production ?? ) I'm thinking of ordering 15 boards,
etched, coated, and silk-screened, I need 5 of these boards for internal
sales, the other 10 would be for sale to list members. (for now).

The only "add-on's" that one would need are:  a case, power cord, cables to
the sensors (18/2 or 16/2 cabtire SJO),  High Limit control, Setpoint
(Run/idle) control, Vacuum setpoint overdraw control. (the last three items
are basically specialty switches from industrial controls, and are ONLY
needed for the heating version).

 All the add-on's  can be had at the local level from electrical and heating
supply houses.

I have no set price as yet, but would assume the populated circuit board
would be UNDER, $ 350.00 US dollars, (heating version, motive version would
be considerably less).

Alternatively, the entire unit can be ordered, complete with case, cables,
and add-on sensors included. (No price at this time).

Greg Manning,
Canadian Gasifier Ltd.  (http://www.cangas.ca)
Building Hi-Performance Gasifiers, Since 2001

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
1 (204) 726-1851

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