[Gasification] [Digestion] composition of pyrolysis gas

Anand Karve adkarve at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 11:24:04 CST 2011

I would like to know the composition of pyrolysis gas. This has nothing to
do with anaerobic digestion but the need for this information arose because
of the fact that lignocellulosic material, which represents the largest bulk
of biologically produced organic material, cannot generate biogas through
A.D. Combustible gas, and of course a lot of tar were produced when I heated
dry agricultural waste under anaerobic conditions, but when I consulted
konwledgiable persons, and asked them about the composition of this gas, all
of them, without exception, informed me that this gas contained about 55%
nitrogen, about 40% carbon monoxide and small quantities of hydrogen and
methane. This is obviously the composition of producer gas, which is
produced when a substance is gassified by burning it. As the process of
burning requires air, and since the oxygen is used up in the process of
burning, one gets the high nitrogen content in the producer gas. In my
experiment, I just heated the material in a closed vessel, The starting
material itself has no protein, and no outside air is allowed to get into
the vessel. So there can be no nitrogen in the gas (or very little of it).



Dr. A.D. Karve
President, Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI)

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