[Gasification] Cellulose Conversion Discussion

phillip manske pdmanske at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 19:23:33 CST 2011

Hi - I'd like to talk about cellulose conversion.  I'm not a big company but
I think I need 100 gallons a day of ethanol and from the scant availability
of discussions to read from I'm in the fog about practical aspects.

Some of the things don't look real bad.

I need high pressure but not for long.  The pressure equals a SCUBA tank.

I need 400 degrees - my gasifier will do that.

I need a fluid that has a higher boiling point than water - glycerin.

Do I pulverize my woodstock or not?

Do I use enzymes?

How much water, acid and sawdust do I use?  What is the formula.

I don't have a big issue with working with heat, pressure or acid.  Work is
hard sometimes.  Thats why its called work.

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