[Gasification] cleaning producer gas with wood mass

Brian D Paasch brian at indianarenewables.com
Sun Jan 30 19:50:26 CST 2011

On Jan 30, 2011, at 7:46 PM, Thomas Reed wrote:

> To what extent can you clean today's gas by passing it (cooled to about 150 C) through a barrel of tomorrows REASONABLY DRY  fuel, thus permitting you to burn all the tars AND finish drying the fuel?

We did try that. Didn't do much for us. Thinking back to my high school chemistry teacher (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, according to my kids), one of his favorite mantras was "like dissolves like". Seemed like tomorrow's fuel would be the kitten's meow for cleaning the gas. Didn't do much for us. But maybe somebody else can make it work. Our coarse dry filter material (stuffed into a piped steel drum) is just cheap insulation, unfaced batting, R13 I think. Our new wet filter is right before that (and right after the heat exchanger). Really all embarrassingly low tech but very cheap stuff and seems to be working for us.


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