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Dear list member
Using  waste C02 and steam from waste heat recovery are also qnother
possiblity.Simple  HHO using Batery is also another  possibility

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 1:50 AM, Greg Manning <a31ford at gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings Dr. Karve, and all involved.
> First off, I would tend to lean in favor of Jim Leach's respose for the
> correct way to make Nitrogen free woodgas (in this case true "sysgas").
> Bottled oxygen (like the ones welders use) would be a prime method of supply
> for nitrogen free gas to reform biomass into syngas .
> There are however, a few technical hurdles one must overcome,
> a) The oxidataion "air" (pure O2) would be a much SMALLER amount than one
> using natural "air", with this said, one would have to reduce nozzle or
> tuyere, AND flow sizes accordingly.
> b) The use of "SCUBA" type regulator, and delivery valve, would be the
> ideal system, the fact that the delivery valve is designed to only admit
> breathing air when one sucks on it, the same principals would work as a
> delivery system into the tuyers or nozzles.
> c) Since you are (would) be producing true "sysgas" the bottling of it
> would be relitively simple, BUT one would have to be cautious in doing so,
> from the flamibility and explosive standpoint of that sysngas.
> Greg Manning
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