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You seem to be describing the Osborn Hay Cuber. US Patent US3963405



We new Glen Osborn very well. He was from Moses Lake, Washington. We used
his cuber at the Straw Utilization Center in Corvallis from 1974-1977. We
used three Osborne cubers in a facility to treat straw with sodium hydroxide
and to cube 10,000 tpy straw for export to Japan. We owned one for several
years after that and used it in California, Oregon and Idaho for cubing
everything from ensiled food wastes to paper waste for fuel. I'll have to
check to see what our actual production was. 


The cuber was robust. It was not as efficient as those made later by Warren
& Baerg. It would take a coarsely shredded or ground material and make a
fairly hard cube. I am sure that lots of energy was lost in the flailing and
mixing action of the gears and feed mechanism. It did run smoothly when you
have a uniformly sized material and ran a proper head of material over the
gears. Unplugging the dies that are internal to the gears was a challenge.




Tom Miles

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