[Gasification] Sawdust in Fan TLUD

rkurt at tadaust.org.au rkurt at tadaust.org.au
Sat Jun 11 18:22:42 CDT 2011

I haven't been following this list for some time, but 4 or 5 years ago  
there was a young fellow somewhere up North (In your area) who was  
making balls of charcoal+grass+possibly sawdust by tumbling the  
material with starch gel. He used a cement mixer with the padles  
removed. The stuff formed accredion balls and after drying appeared  
quite firm and possibly useful in a gasifier.
What happened to him, and his concepts. That tumbling method is also  
used to make things like chocolate covered peanuts and sultanas.It can  
also be used for small scale pelletising seeds.



Quoting Thomas Koch <tk at tke.dk>:

> I am avare of 2 european biomass densification processes that has  
> been operating based on the roller principle.
> One is a Class developed portable machine that produced chipboard  
> plate type product in the same shape as corrugated steel plate. The  
> density was high 900-1100 kg/m3 and the product quality was very  
> good. The capacity was moderate 3-5 tons pr hour  and the  
> energyconsumption high 4-600 kW (I never understood why?)  and the  
> weight was too high - 20-25 tons - to operate in the fields.
> The other was from Silsoe in UK - i only saw pictures - it produced  
> balls like for barbecue - there was some discussion about this  
> machine for some years in 1990-1995 but it was never possible for me  
> to see it.
> Conserning your experince about chinese products - i have had  
> similar experinces - i you ask for the origin of the idea they  
> become very silent.
> Best regards
> Thomas Koch

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