[Gasification] Filtering Pyrolisis Gas

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Robert I would be interested in that process if you have any information you
are willing to share.

On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 8:12 AM, Robert Kana <sinan at biomassindo.com> wrote:

> Dear Tom and all,
> Your comments on the charcoal issue is right. This information is for the
> people who would be interested in charcoal making.
> Not properly dried wood will never yield more than 20% charcoal and most of
> the pieces will be broken. Charcoal which is not broken in pieces, burn
> longer and gives more energy. In the market what is called Grade A charcoal,
> brings 30 to 40% more price than lump charcoal. What is most important today
> is try to make charcoal as clean as possible environmentally, even in
> traditional kilns.
> If the wood is burned too fast and not dried, average yield from the
> traditional kiln will be 25% charcoal which 35% will be Grade A.
> We have been doing research on a new way of making charcoal from Bulgaria,
> Turkey and Indonesia. New regulations from EC, makes companies search for
> alternative way of making charcoal even cleaner than retort systems.
> After many months of trying in lab and field tests shows, the results are
> impressive. Only release smoke contains water-steam from drying wood in
> kiln, all the rest of the gases burned in process, carbonization takes about
> 6 days for 4 m3 kiln. From Oak wood, we get 36 % average yield of charcoal
> which 68 % is Grade A.
> This is an important issue when it comes to yield of charcoal and how clean
> it can be produced.
> Robert S. Kana, Biomass Energy, Indonesia
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