[Gasification] Any experience with Stak Properties 10K gasifier?

Pete & Sheri spaco at baldwin-telecom.net
Mon Jun 20 18:01:36 CDT 2011

Has anyone here had any experience running an engine using the Stak
Properties 10K gasifier?


They tell me that the JXQ-10 gasifier is a forerunner to this machine. I
have one of those.  I'd like to be able to correspond with others who have
this style of machine.  Currently I am having mixed results getting a steady
flow of good gas to run my   6.5 KW Onan 1800 rpm genset from it.  On
Saturday, I got it to deliver  about 3.8 kw for about 12 minutes, but then
the quality of the gas deteriorated.  On Sunday a similar test produced
worse results, but over about a one hour period, with gas quality again
deteriorating as the test went proceded.  

  I am not writing to waste the time of senior members here by asking them
to troubleshoot my problems, without enough info.  Just want to show what
kind of issues I have for those who might be involved with similar

  My goals are to: 1. See how much power I can squeeze out of the generator
for an extended period of time with this gas source, and 2. To get some
actual experience making woodgas.


Looking back over my videos and notes, I can see a dozen or two things that
I could do better next time.


Pete Stanaitis

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