[Gasification] Any experience with Stak Properties 10K gasifier?

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Tue Jun 21 20:26:58 CDT 2011

Thanks, Bill and Greg.

  I used Greg’s method of emptying the whole reactor, an inch thick layer at
a time to try to figure out what was going one.  The char is 100% tiny
stuff, max of maybe ½” long, ¼” wide and maybe 1/16” thick or less,
including some charcoal dust.  So I am in total agreement that the fuel has
to get bigger.  I think I’ll  chop or saw up a hundred pounds of 1” and 2”
branches to about 1 to 2” long for my next trial.

  My son’s 100hp  chipper isn’t up and running yet.

  Upon startup both times this weekend, I used larger pieces of charcoal to
get it going and that’s (at startup) when I had the best gas.

On Sunday, My second day, I loaded regular charcoal briquettes.  I don’t
think they worked as well as coarse charcoal did the day before.

   Instead of taking a lot of notes on paper, I video taped my sessions,
hollering at the camera with the numbers.  Now I find that my Samsung DV
camcorder puts out mp4, which my nonlinear editing system doesn’t like.  Oh,
well.  I downloaded a free mp4 to avi/mpeg-2/3 converter and that one only
converts up to about 38 minutes.  So much for my instrumentation plan.
Murphy strikes again.

I did install a  manometer across the filter of the gasifier, but it would
have been better utilized at the reactor.

  Now I know I need to install a better manometer across the reactor.  I
tried to jerry-rig one at the last minute, but I could not see any pressure
difference, so I must have got something wrong.

  jim mason  (note all lower case) sent me one from allpowerlab a  while ago
and I just now relocated it (don’t tell him).  I will now set it up just as
he suggests and get some good data.


Last thing: my gas makes a mostly orange flame.  Is that bad?  I just saw,
on the GEK site, a nice blue flame, like my kitchen stove coming out of
their swirl burner.


Pete Stanaitis



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To underscore Greg's email, repeating what I was taught, "The quality of the
gas is in direct proportion to the quality of the char." Larger feedstock
makes great char! 





Bill Klein






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Pete, (and list)


What, and how big, are the fuel chunks ?


most gasifiers do NOT like wood chips, or really "fine" fuel, the
interstitial space the gasifier is designed to run with, is generally much
larger than that of chips or fine feedstock, using the correct sized fuel,
in-turn, lowers the reaction core temperature, thus creating more, and more
consistant amounts, of CO. (the main flamable gas, in woodgas). (H2 and CH4
are simply "bonus" gases.....)


Greg Manning.





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