[Gasification] Another big plus for pyrolytic stoves!

Nat of WorldStove nataniele at aim.com
Wed Jun 22 16:21:26 CDT 2011

Hi all,
Several versionsof LuciaStoves have been used over the past six months in national parks inthree states where open fires are prohibited! Park rangers in all three states (Massachusetts, Colorado, and California)  have been curious but remained satisfied that they were in fact gas stoves andnot an open fire (even if the people conducting the field tests were clearly usingfreshly gathered pine cones as fuel).  Iam fairly sure this could apply to many gasifiers and is the first step togetting this on the rule books.  Afterall in all the countries we go to one of the first questions I am asked is “wouldyou use one?” this could just as easily be “do people use them in your country?”
Guess thismakes me a happy camper 
Nat ofWorldStove

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