[Gasification] Any experience with Stak Properties 10K gasifier?

Phil Marsh marshbros at mcbridebc.com
Thu Jun 23 10:52:44 CDT 2011

Thanks Robert, much appreciated. My interest is to do with preparing fine
particle fuel for a carbonization process as opposed to being in the
briquetting business. 

Phil Marsh

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Dear Phil,

We use some Chinese made briquetters (no one in the factory wants to use 
them), or the ones that we have built ourselves ( copy of some good 
Korean design mixed with Kobayashi brand from Japan and my managers 15 
years of experience). Hourly production is from 200-230 kg each machine 
depends on the raw material and screw condition. When pressing each 
machine takes about 25 amperes ( roughly 15 Kw) of power, electric 
motors we use 20-30 HP. If you are thinking about briquette 
manufacturing, must consider supporting equipment.

Raw material feeding screw,
Conveyor to the screen,
Conveyor from screen to rotary dryer ( and/or screw feeder)
Suction blower,
Distributing silo,
Briquette collecting conveyor.

Each of the above need about 5 Hp motor and reducer, suction blower 
motor is 20-30 HP.

Robert Kana, Biomass Energy Indonesia

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