[Gasification] JXQ10 in wood chips/Electricity Generation video

Pete & Sheri spaco at baldwin-telecom.net
Sat Jun 25 13:42:45 CDT 2011

Here's a 10 minute youtube video of my test run last Saturday, June 18.
It's one of the two runs that I posted about earlier in the week.




It's obviously a novice video, but since I have seen so many woodgas
generator video where they don't load them down much, or for more than a few
seconds, I thought I'd focus on the loaded operation.


Next time I will try to locate the camera in a place where people aren't
walking in front of it.  I did try to move it in my Sunday test, but then,
since it was closer to the engine, the audio was even worse.  My current
camcorder does not support a remote mic.  When I get a little more
organized, I will probably do voice overs, instead.  I know that this talk
about the video doesn't sound "on topic", but I think it's an important part
of the testing procedure, that is: recording data.


Pete Stanaitis


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