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Dear Erin,
       In the late 70's United Technologies tested engines on produced 
gas from a molten metal gasifier (pyrolyzer using molten lead) and 
found the same conclusion, the effect is that the CO reduces the flame 
propagation rate and ignition temperature to prevent knock at higher 
compression ratios. This means a lot for deratings on IC engines on 
produced gas. Even considering this was not nitrogen diluted gas, the 
results were very encouraging in their publication. They made 
interesting arguments on how to keep the lead from proceeding through 
the system into the ash, but the work was not continued.
       It was quite humorous to see many years later Molten Metals 
attempted to convince the world that this would work and used up a lot 
of Gore's DOE earmarked (or other not so polite manner of securing 
them) funds to leave a plant which is now on the sale block for a 
fraction of it's original value. The Navy told me that it would never 
be put on ships, resisting significant pressure to do so.

Leland T. "Tom" Taylor
Thermogenics Inc.

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Sridhar recently forwarded us information about his paper about 
Producer Gas Engines. It is an interesting paper, and we've posted a 
link to it from the gasification web site, but you can also get it 
directly from the publisher with this link. 
G. Sridhar and Ravindra Babu Yarasu (2010). Facts about Producer Gas 
Engine , Paths to Sustainable Energy, Jatin Nathwani and Artie Ng 
(Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-401-6, InTech,  Available from: 
 To sum up, they connected an engine that has been designed to run on 
producer gas, to a downdraft gasifier, and recording and analyzing the 
results. There may be some surprises here, like the lack of knock at 
higher compression ratios, and the information gathering is both sound, 
and beautifully presented.   Cheers,
Erin RasmussenTR Miles Techical Consultants Inc.and BioEnergy 
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