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GF, As a pilot who has friends who flew those "round engined aircraft with water injection" I would like to add their view.  Just a note, he was just walking out to fly a B-29 at Osh Kosh, WI.  The water and methanol mixture was called ADI (Anti Detonation Injection) and used just for that.  When significant amounts of additional power was needed, more fuel was added to the engine.  With more fuel came higher combustion chamber temperature causing parts of the piston head and cylinder to heat up and would cause the fuel air mixture to detonate.  Detonation of fuel in a cylinder results in a loss of power.  The higher mass of water and methanol being injected into the cylinder caused the air mixture to cool down and prevent the hot spots from developing.  Thus they were able to add more fuel and get more power without detonation. My experience is with water injection in jet engines, specifically the F-105 and Harrier.  Again the goal is more power without overheating the engine.  The increased mass flow through the engine increases the thrust by about 10% by being able to add more fuel without overtemping the engine. Art Krenzel
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Regarding H2 as an accelarent. for the power stroke of an IC.

I have read that some research regarding the detonation of fuel air mixtures, using the addition of metal catalyst's permanently attached to the piston or cylinder walls, 

This accomplished  a high temperature reaction which provides "extra" hydrogen derived from steam. 

This being a development originating from research carried out on WW 2 fighter aircraft engines, to obtain a power boost during combat operations,  including the injection of a water/methanol mix during the required "boost" period.

It now seems that we are to have this mixture imposed by Government mandate  without the "catalysts" to run our gasoline engines, Perhaps we should all use platinum tipped spark plugs to help with the reaction.

All thanks to the corn lobby.




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