[Gasification] reducing temp. of gasification

Anand Karve adkarve at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 00:41:51 CDT 2011

Dear All,
one requires about 700C temperature for making producer gas. This is
generally achieved by burning the feedstock itself, for which one
introduces external air into the reactor. As a result, the producer
gas gets diluted by the nitrogen in the air. If the process can be
conducted in a closed vessel, which is heated from the outside, one
can get combustible gas without all the nitrogen, but heating the
feedstock inside a container cannot achieve the temperature that is
required for producing producer gas, so that what one gets is
primarily tar vapour. Has anyone thought of using a catalyst for
getting pyrolysis gas at say 300 C? It would help me greatly, if such
a catalyst were available.

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