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Sun Sep 11 11:49:47 CDT 2011

Greetings Anand, and list members.

Dolomitic Lime (Limestone) was used as a catalyst to reform "coalgas
(towngas)"  into a much cleaner "lampgas (limegas)" that had less
energy in it, BUT was much cleaner as far as removal of tars from

The experssion "that preformer on stage is in the "limelight"" comes
from this process, as mantel type lanterns (much like a "coalman
lantern" (camping lantern) (where the company got it's name..
"Coalman")  these footlamps where used on preforming stages prior to
electric light in the late 1800's in England and Europe.

Dolomitic lime is a slight varient on limestone.

I have a small sample (about 30 kg.) here, would be happy to send a 2
or 3 kg. sample to you for experimentation.

The limestone has to be in the direct path of the gas flow, as close
to the reactors output, (in the reactor would be the best location),
break the sample into rough chunks and  insert in the hot gas path
directly below the hearth.

If ash flow is through the limestone, then some method of cyclic
aggitation of the rocks is required.

Greg Manning,
Canadian Gasifier ltd.

On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 12:41 AM, Anand Karve <adkarve at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear All,
> one requires about 700C temperature for making producer gas. This is
> generally achieved by burning the feedstock itself, for which one
> introduces external air into the reactor. As a result, the producer
> gas gets diluted by the nitrogen in the air. If the process can be
> conducted in a closed vessel, which is heated from the outside, one
> can get combustible gas without all the nitrogen, but heating the
> feedstock inside a container cannot achieve the temperature that is
> required for producing producer gas, so that what one gets is
> primarily tar vapour. Has anyone thought of using a catalyst for
> getting pyrolysis gas at say 300 C? It would help me greatly, if such
> a catalyst were available.
> Yours
> A.D.Karve
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Greg Manning,
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

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