[Gasification] msg from john blount

Bruno M. brunom1 at telenet.be
Mon Sep 12 20:18:09 CDT 2011

Hi Tom,

it came trough this list. Subject was "Sensual!".

i'll send you a copy incl full header.

It happens on many lists and Yahoo-Groups lately that pharma scams
are spammed around trough hacked mailboxes, John Blount should
change all his passwords ASAP.

Bruno M.

Op 13-9-2011 1:30, Tom Miles schreef:
> Chuck,
> You are probably right. Did it come directly from Blount, or did it 
> come through the list? I don't remember seeing if from the list unless 
> we missed it. Please send me the original that you received unless 
> syou have already trashed it.
> Thanks
> Tom
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