[Gasification] Best use for liquid hydrocarbons?

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Hello, Mark!

Mixing-in motor oil into gasification fuel (especially those amounts) will 
inevitably give off enormous amounts of soot which in turn will in a few 
minutes clog filters. A paper filter as final filter is directly there for 
the last time.
The fat soot is very hard to remove even from coarse filters preceding the 
last one. The paper filter is in turn preceded by re-heating.


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Hello all,

Long time reader, first time poster.

I am planning on building a small gasifier to run an IC engine for
electricity and heat.
About 3/4 of my available energy is in the form of chipped forest waste and
the balance is waste oil.

If possible I would like to add the waste oil to a downdraft gasifier for
drying and cracking.
Has this been tried and were the results favorable or would I be wasting my
My thought was to control oil flow by utilizing a vacuum pump from the

Obviously I could use the waste oil in a separate burner, but that would
seem to be unnecessary, perhaps not.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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