[Gasification] Job Opp: Director of Manufacturing Operations, ALL Power Labs, GEK Gasifier

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I retired from 3M's hardware and electronics support division (HESD) 15
years ago.  I know at least 10 guys who could do this job, but, like me,
they are retired too.  Most of them live in other places on this earth.  If
I lived close to you, I'd consider applying for the job just for the fun of
it.  Most of the guys I worked with had most of the qualifications to one
degree or another, but I think you'd need about 3 people to do all you ask
for in just one individual.  Maybe that's why you aren't swamped with

  Methods Engineer

Purchasing Agent

Project Manager

And more.

  I'd love to have an extended coffee break chat with you on this subject
some time.


I think I remember a salary or salary range attached to an earlier post you
made on the gasification list.  I don't remember the number, but I don't
think it was high enough to attract the kind of person you are searching
for.  Maybe, as manufacturing gets worse in the USA, you will find someone.
You need someone with a little gray hair to be "deep" in all those areas.


Every time you post a workshop date, I hold my breath, waiting for a
non-conflicting  selection, but so far, no luck for me.  Sooner or later, we
will match up.   Problem is that my wife and I demonstrate blacksmithing and
wool spinning together a  lot on  weekends and are involved in several
metalworking  groups, etc..


I would think that there would be plenty of candidates right around silicon
valley.  Maybe they are all in school getting their MBA's so they can run
the company instead of working within it.  (Sorry about that)


Pete Stanaitis



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We are still searching for the perfect candidate for this position.  Maybe
it is you.  Maybe you can point us to him or her.  Or maybe you have a list,
forum, twitter account or some other venue to repost which might help to
surface the right candidate.  Any input and/or fwds are greatly appreciated.



ALL Power Labs is looking for a manufacturing operations expert to create
and manage the next stage of our production solution. We are fast outgrowing
our current DIY based methods, and need to quickly implement a more
scalable, higher volume solution. This will require deep skills across
international supply chain management, multi-discipline production
processes, fast design-to-market iteration, and the information systems that
make them possible. 


Our core product is now as complex as a small car.  This position requires
skills across a wide set of industries including sheet and cast metalwork,
powertrain, electronics, and finishes.

ALL Power Labs is a Berkeley, CA based start-up specializing in biomass
gasification equipment for small-scale, distributed power generation. In
APL's 3 short years over 300 gasifiers have shipped to over 40 different
countries and 50 universities and research institutions. 

You can find more information on our website: http://www.gekgasifier.com
<http://www.gekgasifier.com/> .

Position Objective:

Manage the daily operation of APL's current in-house production method while
working with our team to: 

a) Establish new partners and processes for our supply chain
b) Improve and create systems for inventory control, product version
control, and financial reporting
c) Optimize our product design for manufacturability
d) Establish the total manufacturing solution that will enable rapid global


- Extremely familiar with the concepts and methods of contemporary
manufacturing systems
- Experienced with software systems for workflow management, sourcing,
inventory control, product version control and documentation, etc.
- Able to both build and manage an exceptional team
- Excellent financial reporting skills and ability to make sound assessments
based on this data
- Literate in 3D CAD environments
- Able to travel and operate internationally
- Willing to work long hours, odd hours, and make the job happen

Our start-up has a unique story. We began by offering the GEK, an open
source DIY experimenter's kit that could be manufactured in-house in small
quantities. The GEK gasifier led to the development of the Power Pallet, a
complete solution for biomass power generation. GEKs are now made in batches
of 50 and Power Pallets in batches of 10.

Our ultimate goal is to create an easy-to-operate consumer appliance that
can turn any form of organic waste into electricity, heat and shaft power.
The global market for this is massive.  The world is in need of a "PC of
personal scale energy", and we intend to be the group that first delivers it
at mass scale.

APL is funded entirely by sales and we are bootstrapping our way through
each stage of growth. Every member of our dedicated team wears many hats and
works long hours to see our goals realized. We seek team members who are
flexible, creative and excited about this challenge. 

This is an unusual opportunity for which we are seeking an exceptional
candidate. You will need to have respect for the atypical methods we've
developed to date, but also know how to integrate more traditional best
practice production solutions.

The ideal candidate for this position will grow into a core member of our
start-up founding team. Pay is negotiable, but will start at the lower end
of the market, given current status as a bootstrapped start up.  However,
significant equity will be offered after a trial period and a fit is proven.

To apply, please send a letter describing your interest and qualifications,
as well as your resume to jobs at allpowerlabs.org.  Please do not just send a
resume.  We need to hear why you think you are the perfect fit for this


Jim Mason
Website: http://www.whatiamupto.com <http://www.whatiamupto.com/> 
Current Projects:
   - Gasifier Experimenters Kit (the GEK): http://www.gekgasifier.com
   - Escape from Berkeley alt fuels vehicle race: www.escapefromberkeley.com
   - ALL Power Labs on Twitter: http://twitter.com/allpowerlabs
   - Shipyard Announce list:

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