[Gasification] JXQ-10 and datalogger update

Pete & Sheri spaco at baldwin-telecom.net
Sat Jun 23 08:43:40 CDT 2012



Thanks to all of you who helped me locate sensors and to get my datalogger
going.  I ran my first test of the JXQ-10 on June 19 using it and it really
worked out well.

You can see a graph of the results of that test at:




These recorded test results helped me pinpoint several things that I did
wrong, so, hopefully the next runs will go better.

For those who might be curious, temperatures are in degrees, F and pressures
on in inches, water column.  I was measuring degrees F one inch above the
grate (T/C1) and one inch below the grate (T/C2).  PR2 measures suction
below the grate and PR3 measures pressure at the output of the system, just
before the flare.  The increasing light blue line is a "Marker".  I push a
button whenever I need to correlate something that I am doing to the data
being logged at that moment.   

  These data are logged in the .csv format which can be read by Excel.
This representation of the data is just one of an endless string of
possibilities for analyzing the results of a run.


  Building and fielding this device was very interesting and enjoyable for
me.  And, using the Arduino, and locating the inexpensive sensors kept the
price down to a couple hundred dollars.  For another hundred dollars or so,
I'll start adding output devices when I figure out where they should go and
what they should do.

  Just recently I have talked to two people who have bought devices with
half the capability of MY little unit and paid many thousands of dollars for

  If any of you folks who don't care to go the "home made" route to a
datalogger/controller want to get into this part of the game, I'd strongly
suggest using the Gasifier Control Unit from Jim Mason of allpowerlabs.  It
does much, much more than my device does.



Pete Stanaitis





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