[Gasification] what does PO stand for?

Bruno M. brunom1 at telenet.be
Tue Mar 13 13:15:06 CDT 2012

Hi KT,

You're looking for "OP" and not 'PO' i guess;
while the other statuses are Pilot, Demo, const(ruction)
it could be "operational",
so these plants are already in full operation.

Bruno M.
Op 13-3-2012 1:14, ktwu at itri.org.tw schreef:
> Dear List
> In Dr Richard L. Bain's presentation "Biomass Gasification R&D Activities in North America" at IEA Task 33 Meeting, Pitea, Sweden (Oct 19, 2011),
> there is a table about "U.S. Biomass Gasifier Developers" (p. 13). In the table, what does the "PO" stand for in "Status" coulmn? Could anyone tell me the meaning? Thanks.
> Thank you very much for your kind assistance indeed.
> Best wishes
> KT
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