[Gasification] On the subject of H2 and O (was N2 removal)

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The energy doesn't change.  The bond energy in the water is constant regardless of pressure.

The cavitation issue is different.  It is a phase change phenomenon, not a chemical change one.

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Greetings List.
Since we are speaking input air, I thought I might ask a somewhat
elated question.
Water gas shift. I know there are many that have talked about this,
nd I understand the basics.
However, here is the question.
At what negative pressure ( negative in/wc) does the shift move down
he temperature scale, to the point of being within the 1000 - 1200 c
rea ?
We all know that propeller cavitation produces steam in water that is
0 c (or there abouts), I have to assume (not being a chemist) that
he same negative pressure effect would also apply to other principals
hen dealing with water.

Greg Manning,
randon, Manitoba, Canada
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