[Gasification] Fwd: For Your Safety from Shell Oil Company - THIS IS NOT A JOKE! Clash of technologies.

Robert Kana sinan at biomassindo.com
Sun Mar 18 08:57:00 CDT 2012

Dear Dr. Reed,
Thanks for the advice, we all know cell phones generate some kind of 
magnetic power, when it is connecting. I believe there is a connection, 
but gasoline fumes will not ignite unless there is a source of heat or 
spark. Most of the US is now covered with Stage 2 vapor recovery system, 
which consist of double pipes, one for fuel going in to the tank another 
one fumes going back to storage tanks. All the gasoline trucks are 
grounded with special wires at the fueling terminals, as well as 
grounded in the  gas station delivery points with the metal piping 
Over 30 years of gas station operator, contractor and installing 
underground storage tanks in NY, I had 2 experiences with fires. 
Actually one fire and one explosion. They both involved with the fumes. 
First incident in one of my gas stations, there was a spill in hot 
summer, over fill gasoline spilled on the floor. The next car come to 
get gas, stopped right on the spill and it caught a fire from the hot 
muffler. We put out the fire immediately, but instructed all the gas 
stations to keep a bucket full of water to wash any spill and cool the 
vapors of  gasoline. On second incident, one of my mechanic friend was 
fixing a gas tank and he wanted to look inside the tank with a hand 
lamp. The heat source from the lamp cause explosion of the fumes in the 
tanks, my friend survived the accident.
I just want to add couple more pre cautions. Most of us fill the gas at 
self service.
When the nozzle clicks, come to closest number and do not overfill.
If there is a spill no matter how small just put on some water, most of 
the gas stations has water for cleaning windshields.
When you pull in the gas station, make sure the ground is clean.
And always remember, the fumes from the gasoline is extremely flammable.

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