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> Dear Stovers and Gasifiers,
> just as Tom Reed became nostalgic, I too would like to go back into
> the past. I obtained my Ph.D. in 1960 in plant physiology
> and conducted research in Botany and agriculture till the 1990s.. In
> the early part of the decade of 1990s, my daughter, Dr. Priyadarshini
> Karve, introduced me to the subject of biomass based energy. She also
> obtained a personal computer at that time, which I too used in my
> spare time. In this way I got introduced to the group interested in
> stoves. In 2003, I developed the technology of urban biogas plants
> which used food waste as feedstock rather than dung. When I started
> reporting this in seminars and conferences, the audience used to hoot
> me out, because the textbooks said in those days that non-dung
> substances could be fed into a biogas plant, but that they had to be
> co-fermented with dung. People started believing me only after I
> received the Ashden Award in 2006 for this discovery. And now, within
> just 10 years of my discovery, urban biogas systems using food waste
> as the sole feedstock have found worldwide acceptance.
>      Indian agriculture generates annually 800 million tons of waste
> biomass. Indian cities generate annually 200 million tons of organic
> waste. Taken together, this waste has more than three times as much
> energy as the petroleum that India annually imports. Using the old
> technologies of biogas, producer gas and coal gas, we can easily stop
> importing petroleum altogether. As one of the participants in the
> discussion on this topic mentioned, we now have much better
> materials, catalysts, control systems etc., so that we can revive
> these old technologies and make them work more efficiently. I have
> been going around, giving lectures on this topic for the last one
> year and I thought that this theme would be enthusiastically taken up
> by the Indian scientists and engineers, but whomever I talked to,
> came up with text book references and gems of traditional wisdom,
> showing how it could not be done. I am now an old, retired scientist,
> having no access to any modern workshop or laboratory. So the only
> thing I can do is to appeal to the youngsteers to take up work on
> this theme so that the problems of waste disposal and depleting
> fossil fuels can both be simultaneously solved. 
> Yours A.D.Karve

..any reason you cannot run for e.g president India to do this?

..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt Karlsen
...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
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