[Gasification] First Biomass Gasifier for Rural Electrification in Philippines inaugurated by Gov. Angara-Castillo

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Interesting part owner for this project:

Greenworld Wind Power Announces Eco Market Solutions
Mar 27, 2012

Toronto, Canada – March 26, 2012 - Greenworld Wind Power Co. Ltd.
(Greenworld): Deutsche Börse symbol: GWDA (www.greenworldpower.ca), is
pleased to announce that Eco Market Solutions (EMS) has launched the
operation of the first biomass gasification power plant in Aurora Province,
Philippines, this month. Greenworld has a 40% equity stake in EMS.

The power plant is located in the municipality of Dinalungan, Aurora, and is
rated at 250kw of power. It consumes about 8 tons of biomass a day at full
load. The municipality is one of many rural areas that are not connected to
the electric grid, and the biomass approach brings a reliable and consistent
source of electricity to an area that historically struggled without.

There are more than 150 off-grid areas in the Philippines powered by
increasingly expensive diesel. Some of these areas barely get 6 hours of
electrical power a day.

Aurora Province Governor Angara-Castillo praised the project and said “this
is the kind of project that Aurora needs to jump start sustainable
development in Northern Aurora, which is not connected to the Luzon grid”. 

Biomass gasification is a renewable source of energy because it uses
recurring agricultural and forest waste as fuel. Gasification is a process
that does not burn or combust biomass but rather uses heat in an
oxygen-starved environment to release combustible gases like carbon
monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane. In the system used by Eco
Market Systems (EMS), the gas produced is cooled and cleaned and fed into a
rotary engine to create electrical power.

Eco Market Solutions, Inc. is a renewable energy company that develops and
provides green power projects to SPUG (off-grid) areas in the Philippines.
It also provides compelling biomass solutions for companies that use diesel
for thermal power applications for boilers, dryers, heaters, etc.

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