[Gasification] (OT) First Biomass Gasifier for Rural Electrification in Philippines inaugurated by Gov. Angara-Castillo

Ronald Hongsermeier rwhongser at web.de
Fri Mar 30 02:47:22 CDT 2012

Dear Jeff,

I was speaking, of course, about legal correctness, which is kind of 
like political correctness, except that the former is much more 
expensive, if injured.

The people at motherjones have, in my opinion, a much more basic 
problem, which I shall term logical correctness. They contradict 
themselves multiple times in the report. This kind of reporting is what 
has the world with its undies in a knot about a 17-year-old, 
gold-toothed, self-described "Ni___", who is best known by a picture in 
which he looks to me like 11 or 12 and has been photographically 
"mainstreamed" by electronic retouching.

According to reports I saw on TV before I left work last night, the leak 
is above the water level, which should be at least somewhat more 
manageable than the defect by Deepwater Horizon. At least, that is, if 
the crew shut off the drill before evacuating the platform. ;-)


Ronald von Tiefwasserhorizontlogischerfehler

On 30.03.2012 07:32, Jeff Davis wrote:
> Dear Ronald,
> Thanks for the insight!
> I wish these gas people were as careful:
> <http://motherjones.com/blue-marble/2012/03/gas-leak-north-sea-deepwater-horizon>
> Jeff
> On Wed, 2012-03-28 at 09:31 +0200, Ronald Hongsermeier wrote:
>> Dear Jeff, if they're listed on the German stock market, they have to
>> be _very_ careful. It seems to me that the degree of
>> litigation-density here will almost keep a 250kW generator stocked
>> with waste paper to burn 24/7. So fears may or may not be salient. But
>> interesting, none the less.
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