[Gasification] (OT) First Biomass Gasifier for Rural Electrification in Philippines inaugurated by Gov. Angara-Castillo

Ronald Hongsermeier rwhongser at web.de
Sat Mar 31 04:35:50 CDT 2012

Dear Jeff,

I may have given the impression that the leak is nothing to worry about. 
It appeared to me that the motherjones article was saying contradictory 
things. Now it appears to me that they were at least unclear. It's more 
complicated than anything I had seen until this morning.

The reporting momentarily seems to be a combination of things already 
reported and partly contradicting some of the wildly dramatic 
statements, (sadly normal overstatements within the "environmentally 
aware" community). The actual source of the leak is not the same gas 
source as the main source for the well. It is a natural gas source of 
much smaller size bored through in the course of reaching the main 
source c. 6 km under the surface of the sea bottom (avg. depth below sea 
level 90 m) The seal on this smaller pocket has become defective and 
there is gas leaking from both the bottom and above surface at the 
platform. This makes for a fire and explosion danger, but one that is in 
the range of big problem, but not catastrophic. The pocket has a much 
lower pressure than the main source and doesn't pose the same pollution  
problem as the other source.

Quote: "Hauge said that since the leak appeared to come from a gas 
pocket at lower pressure and smaller volume than Elgin's main reservoir 
"we move from a worst case scenario to a bad case scenario. But this is 
not a good case scenario as long as gas is leaking."

Hauge is an environmentalist apparently from Norway. So it's unlikely he 
is understating the danger. : link to full story:



Ronald von Pressurereliefhausen

On 31.03.2012 08:09, Jeff Davis wrote:
> Dear Ronald,
> On Fri, 2012-03-30 at 09:47 +0200, Ronald Hongsermeier wrote:
>> I was speaking, of course, about legal correctness
> Yes, I know and I appreciated your insight!
> My comment was more on the lines that our dirty sources of fuels have
> done more meaningful damage than someone over stating their gas
> producers performance.
> It is good news that the gas leak is not a major problem. After our Gulf
> oil spill one can get gun shy, so to speak.
> Anyhow thank you again,
> Jeff
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