[Gasification] [biochar] ICM gasifier project comes to a close

Alex English english at kingston.net
Sun Apr 14 10:43:01 CDT 2013

Dear Tom

I would be interested if your experiments can add to the findings in 
this paper.

The electrical properties change and may correlate well with other 
properties. Resistance/conductivity is at least is one property that is 
fairly trivial to measure in char from 1/2 inch+ thick wood sticks. So 
even if your using pellets insert a stick.

Stick with it :)

On 14/04/2013 10:54 AM, Tom Reed wrote:
> Dear Peter and Kerry and all:
> The following discussion is concerned with two categories of charcoal:
> O straight pyrolysis charcoal, made presumably at 400-450C using the exothermic rise from 300-400-350C to reach final temperature
> O gasifier charcoal, left over from gasification which can exceed 1000C
> I'd like to stress a third category.
> "Autopyrolytic Charcoal", such as is produced in the WoodGas stove.  I have measured the temperature of formation of the charcoal as 500-700 C, depending on how much air is inducted or blown in, but the measurement may have been biased by the flame.  In any case, this is the charcoal produced in WoodGas stoves or PyroPiles of wood by burning off the volatile cellulose gas during which the lignin becomes the harder to burn charcoal.
> I'd appreciate positive and negative comments on this third category which is mostly what I make now that Spring is just around the corner here in Barre, Mass.
> Onward...
> Tom Reed
> Thomas B Reed
> 280 Hardwick Rd
> Barre, MA 01005
> 508 353 7841

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