[Gasification] Small steam systems plus gasifiers for electricity

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I actually built a prototype that did this:


I found that small steam at the residential scale is just a bad idea.  The first major problem is wet layup seizing all the parts together.  Then there are the thermal lags of the gasifier and boiler for a step change in electrical load.  Then there is the corrosion/explosion hazard.....It just kept getting worse even though it sounded great in theory.  I am FAR happier with my gasifier/engine combo.

Stephen Abbadessa

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Dear Tom, Thomas and all,
      On 11/30/2013 5:44 PM, Thomas Koch wrote:
I can only agree that for small systems steam systems looks as the most reliable way to produce electricity


    This "low tech" approach appeals to me (and maybe to some others)    because the Up Draft gasifiers are great for making clean heat, of    which much gets wasted in cases such as people making char and    biochar.    
    I acknowledge that the small steam systems for electricity    do not require gasification technologies, and therefore this topic    should soon be off of the Gasification Listserv.   But for the    moment, who are the readers who have interest in taking this    discussion further?   
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