[Gasification] Commercial gasifiers in Europe

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David and all:

 I worked for many years with Community Power Corp (see goCPC.com) before they were bought by the native Eskimo organization, AFOGNAK.  We made and installed many gasifier systems, typically generating 100 kW from waste biomass of various sorts, and operating automatically.

This is a very reasonable size for a large village.  Smaller sizes can probably use pelletized wood for convenience. 


I invented the WoodGas Campstove in 1985 in my lab at MIT after returning from a trip to South Africa, and seeing the dreadful cooking and resulting poor nutrition of the blacks there.  

We have also sold many WoodGas Campstoves,  5"OD X 7" tall, (backpack size) using a small motor to produce a small flow through the fuel to gasify the fuel, and about 6 times as much air to burn the fuel, with a horizontal flame like

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About 3 kW of heat.  Very clean cooking.  

Tom Reed 

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> On Dec 1, 2013, at 4:13 PM, David Coote <dccoote at mira.net> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Would you say there are any commercial gasifiers in operation in Europe or North America?
> Thanks
> David
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>> Thomas,
>> Third parties or associated organizations are beginning to solve some of
>> Ankur's problems, including the nozzle issue. Like them or not they sell a
>> lot of systems so people are finding ways to improve them.
>> Europe continues to be one of the most progressive regions for gasifier
>> development.  We look forward to seeing more commercial installations.
>> Worldwide there are more than 450 organizations that are working on the
>> production of synthesis gas for liquid fuels or chemicals.
>> As you well know it all takes time and money.
>> Tom
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