[Gasification] AGT LTC process

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IEA Task 33 country report (2012) by Reinhard Rausch gives the following


AGT Agency for Green Technology 

Ledererg 3 A-4861 Schoerfling 

E-mail: info at agt-world.com 

Web: http://www.agt-world.com 

Low Temperature Conversion (LTC) is a thermo catalytic decomposition process
operating without air supply


There is a presentation that is not too informative. 



You might contact the company and Reinhard at Vienna University of





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Ref: AGT -  Agency for Green Technology, Austria

Process: LTC low temperature conversion gasification


Is someone familiar with this technology - process? What is progressive
thermal catalytic material gasification?


Do we have here a pyrolysis reactor front-end; followed by a gasifier
processing the char and the pyrolysis gases?


Thank you for any insight.


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