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 Dear Listers, 
	The flare photo that I saw had a slight yellowish/orangeish tint to it that is typically the tar aerosols burning. When a typical clean gas burns, it is virtually invisible in the day and blue at night. This may be different if there is a high methane or other C2+ hydrocarbons in it such as from tires that is yellow if not mixed well with combustion air. 
	In operations on the Thermogenics' gasification system, even with 59% moisture content in acid hydrolysis produced char from a cellulosic chemical plant, there was a need to inject water to maintain temperature from going too high. A result was higher carbon conversion and higher hydrogen in the produced gas, one of the claims that is stated. 
	From the series of vertical pipes in the gas stream prior to the flare, these are presumably traps or filters and as such will require periodic cleaning to sustain operations. This represents downtime and labor and, to our standard, not acceptable.  
	The clear condensate is of interest and more information would be useful, but having any condensate at the flare is of concern as this condensate may contain organics that introduce acids into the engine and shorten it's lifetime. Also, certain large organic molecules may condense on the engine intake valves and cause serious operating problems. 
	Thermogenics' gasification system operates on wood, tires, plastics paper and other derivatives of a MSW/RDF stream and has been constructed to overcome many of the problems seen with other systems using simple, but effective methods. Videos of prior operating systems are on our website and additional videos are going to b posted, but with the novel design, from the feeder, reactor, gas cooling, cleaning not much can be shown and the same protection of proprietary property as Bionear has undertaken. 
Leland T. "Tom" Taylor
Thermogenics Inc. 

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Hi Tom and list, 
The Bionear gasifier is very interesting, but it is difficult to get a 
grip on it. The man in the video is the inventor himself, Timo Heimonen.  I 
have met him several times and also seen several of his systems in 
operation during the last few years. 
The gasifier in the video is located in Lestijärvi, Finland where it 
primarily serves a district heating system. The turbine has earlier served 
as a diesel powered emergency power station at bank of Finland and has been 
modified for use on producer gas. 
On the same site in Lestijärvi where Turos teams unit now is operating, 
another gasification plant was in operation for a few years. This previous 
gasifier had earlier been located in Tervola in Finnish Lapland and then 
modified for service in Lestijärvi. The operation in Tervola was 
unsuccessful. In Lestijärvi the plant was in operation, but there were 
problems with gas quality. The rapeseed oil press and the drying facility, 
were already on the site when Turos Team came into picture. The gasifier in 
the video is the first of Turos teams units that is running as a real 
installation, not “at home” for them. 
I visited the plant in Lestijärvi two days ago. At that time the turbine 
was not in operation due to too little heat load at the time (+4 C). The 
district heating system was in operation and run on producer gas. The unit 
is over dimensioned for the site and a portion of the produced gas also was 
flared. Based on the color of the flare, the gas seemed to be of real good 
quality. Not entirely soot free, but with a flame looking like when clean 
tar free wood gas burns in a flare. Previously I have had the opportunity 
to see flares and also smell dripping condensate from another of Turos 
teams smaller units. The concensate was like spring water.  
For heat sold to customers in a district heating system in Finland, one 
can typically take a price of about 70-80 €/MWh. For electric power 
delivered to the grid, one gets the Nordpool FI price minus a margin. This 
price varies, but it usually is within the range of 30-50 €/MWh. At the 
moment it is about 35 €. This means that it mostly is clearly more 
interesting to produce heat than power. 
In the entire building in Lestijärvi, there was no smell of tar or smoke, 
and the process seemed to run very smoothly. Time by time one could hear 
small amounts of wood chips being fed to the gasifier. As is mentioned in 
the video, there is no access to the interiors of the gasifier except the 
two 2” plugs on the side. In the gas piping there is a small trap for 
flyash, but it this is not really designed for removing much anything. 
The gasifier was fed with wood chips with a humidity of about 30 % and 
according to the inventor additional water was added at a rate of 10 l/h. 
The statements of how much fuel was measured to be consumed per produced 
MWh were not believable, 200 litres of wood chips/MWh. This is about one 
fourth to one fifth of the amount that should be needed. Mr. Heimonen was 
very aware of this himself too. I have been dealing with gasification for 
many years and seen and heard unbelievable statements before too. When 
something is too good for being true, it tends to show up that it also is 
not. Water did not burn in Reisijärvi either despite earlier statements 
made by another company… This unit in Lestijärvi is the most impossible 
unit I have seen so far, but it seems to work. I can not believe the 
efficiency statements and the presented values, but I can see that the unit 
produces a clean gas and that the process seems to run very smoothly. 
Measurements made by VTT (Technical research centre of Finland) on one of 
the earlier units also showed impossible values. The construction of the 
gasifier is a well kept secret. No patents or other documents on this are 
I keep my thumbs for Turos team and Mr. Heimonen! Gasification suffers 
from too many failures, success stories are needed! The laws of nature are 
hard to break, but also if the values are not true, a well functioning 
system is worth a lot. 
Fredrik Ek 
fredrik.ek at xylogas.fi 
On Wed, 11 Dec 2013 17:06:45 -0800, "Tom Miles" <tmiles at trmiles.com> 
> I liked that as well. Do we have any idea what “gasification” scheme 
> are using? They say they have a gasifier and that they are making high 
> hydrogen but they carefully avoided showing any useful pictures of the 
> reactor. We see a lot of gauges and pipe fittings in these videos.  
> Tom 
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> I love the last 10 seconds of the video 
> This plant is not designed to be repaired – it is designed to run 
> smoothly. 
> Best regards 
> Thomas Koch 
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> Made in Finland. PROUDLY1 SEE WHY... 
Fredrik Ek 
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