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Hi Gasification Colleagues,

When we see these gasification systems suddenly appear, and on youtube at that to illustrate their quality/performance,etc, we should be pleased that such medium exists for manufactures to show off their expertise to every corner of this planet. We can make our own guesses about how it might work better than we perceive possible, but as we can see, they are not helping anyone to understand this very nice presentation.

The name Bioneer however, rang a bell and I spent a very hot sweaty hour digging through the file boxes in my now useless office holding the Fluidyne Company records, and this was the information I found.

The reference if you want to read it all, is Biomass 18 (1989) 287-292 Short Communication-------- Status of Peat and Biomass Gasification in Finland.


The Bioneer gasifier was developed in cooperation with VTT in the years 1979-82. The gasifier is an updraft fixed-bed type, producing low calorific tarry gas. Thus, the gas is suitable only for combustion in the vicinity of the gasifiers. Examples of applications are hot water and steam boilers, chip dryers,grain dryers and process ovens. An extensive experimental programme, using a wide variety of feed materials, has been undertaken on VTT's 1.5MW test gasifier. The experiments ascertained that the gasification method can be applied to most of the solid feed stocks available in Finland. To ensure reliable operation of the gasifier and good combustion of the producer gas, the feedstock should meet the following requirements.

___ mainly piece like, with a maximum fines content of about 30% by weight.


Without labouring the point, updraft gasifiers are often presented with magic black box, or shiny SS covering of gas cleaning components, and if you add an engine or in this case a turbine to stand along side this hot water heating system, be very impressive to demonstrate why you should invest in such technology. Bioneer was a potential competitor for the gas turbine electrical generation market of NEI Fluidyne NZ (NEI now Rolls Royce Power), hence my memory recall of 20+ years ago. If our findings hadn't been so negative relating to turbines, the chances are that Bioneer would have been "acquired " by NEI, and I would be showing you all how fantastic they are(:-)

One might hope that important progress has been made by HKG to the gas cleaning technology, and I'm looking forward to better explanations from anyone who has the complete story.

Hope the above might be of interest.

Doug Williams,

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