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I do remember an accident at a factory producing carbon brake discs.
This was in a water cooled induction furnace under high vacuum and full of
natural gas.
The cooling coil sprung a leak and the water and carbon pads at around
800'C (I think) produced CO and H2 faster than the vacuum ejector.
The 5 ton lid flipped every now and again producing a jet of blue flame.
Also I remember from my college days references to water gas.
I must dig out my old text books but I am sure that carbon and steam can
produce CO and H2.

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On 14 December 2013 23:00, Doug <Doug.Williams at orcon.net.nz> wrote:

> Hi Gasification Colleagues,
> When we see these gasification systems suddenly appear, and on youtube at
> that to illustrate their quality/performance,etc, we should be pleased that
> such medium exists for manufactures to show off their expertise to every
> corner of this planet. We can make our own guesses about how it might work
> better than we perceive possible, but as we can see, they are not helping
> anyone to understand this very nice presentation.
> The name Bioneer however, rang a bell and I spent a very hot sweaty hour
> digging through the file boxes in my now useless office holding the
> Fluidyne Company records, and this was the information I found.
> The reference if you want to read it all, is Biomass 18 (1989) 287-292
> Short Communication-------- Status of Peat and Biomass Gasification in
> Finland.
> Quote.
> The Bioneer gasifier was developed in cooperation with VTT in the years
> 1979-82. The gasifier is an updraft fixed-bed type, producing low calorific
> tarry gas. Thus, the gas is suitable only for combustion in the vicinity of
> the gasifiers. Examples of applications are hot water and steam boilers,
> chip dryers,grain dryers and process ovens. An extensive experimental
> programme, using a wide variety of feed materials, has been undertaken on
> VTT's 1.5MW test gasifier. The experiments ascertained that the
> gasification method can be applied to most of the solid feed stocks
> available in Finland. To ensure reliable operation of the gasifier and good
> combustion of the producer gas, the feedstock should meet the following
> requirements.
> ___ mainly piece like, with a maximum fines content of about 30% by weight.
> Unquote.
> Without labouring the point, updraft gasifiers are often presented with
> magic black box, or shiny SS covering of gas cleaning components, and if
> you add an engine or in this case a turbine to stand along side this hot
> water heating system, be very impressive to demonstrate why you should
> invest in such technology. Bioneer was a potential competitor for the gas
> turbine electrical generation market of NEI Fluidyne NZ (NEI now Rolls
> Royce Power), hence my memory recall of 20+ years ago. If our findings
> hadn't been so negative relating to turbines, the chances are that Bioneer
> would have been "acquired " by NEI, and I would be showing you all how
> fantastic they are(:-)
> One might hope that important progress has been made by HKG to the gas
> cleaning technology, and I'm looking forward to better explanations from
> anyone who has the complete story.
> Hope the above might be of interest.
> Doug Williams,
> Fluidyne.
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