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I'm sure this is not the case but a refrigerator can be made from two 
clay pots, one smaller than the other, charcoal and a cloth top. The 
smaller pot fits inside the larger one with charcoal (or sand) betwixt 
them. Add water to the charcoal and cloth plus evaporation. I also doubt 
that it would work in the steamy jungles. Just thought I'd toss that out 


Marry Christmas,

On 12/24/2013 02:52 PM, Ronal W. Larson wrote:
> *  I hope someone on this list has looked at efforts to mimic the 
> Terra Preta soils.  It seems clear they did much more than just put 
> out ash - which seems to have been what the vast majority of 
> aboriginal slash and burn cultures did.  I favor an argument that the 
> char came from what happened during and after cooking (If wood is easy 
> to come by, you can make a lot of char in a 3-stone arrangement**.  I 
> have seen one argument for an approach like HTC.*

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