[Gasification] [Stoves] Reed, T. and R. Larson. (1996) and 3 PRE-announcements

Pannirselvam P.V pannirbr at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 14:05:53 CST 2013

Greeting to Paul, and Tom Reed

Many thanks for  allowing   your and Tom's invaluable  videos  , state of
art  library and more references  with open source acess to all  .The
present and future generation who  work with fire,
biomassa,combustion,gasification wooodstove will be ever grateful.Surely
this give many very good apportunity to new comers to  go fast   the
 innovation .works.

     Your  greatness to make free acess of several year valuable  work make
 me remind about simillar  good   solidatory work   in christmas day  abou
the story of   the  U.S Natick Army  microbiology Researcher  Mary Mandel
 and  E.T Reesei  open minded work .She , known many for her  kindness to
 send freely   the power ful hyper celluase enzyme producing   strain  to
all the resercher in the world  during 1980 , sending it f free rom USA to
any person any where the world who requist the same  with less time ..Thus
  the technology get boosted  with U.S at top Thus the  microbe name was
changed  ,known to all     as Trichoderma Virde  to  Trichoderma  Reesei.
Your 02  story  can similar impact  too  as many poor need fire to get rid
of starvation , may need light too in an isolated remote area.

   Surley  the name of TOM  REED and Paul .A will be coined  and remembered
 all the future innovative work .as founder ftaher and Gurus , make
possible the work easy.

Chrome  book open  acess   can go to many place in the world   copmpared to
 microsoft window 08 with out  open acess .Thus  very good you made this
change the path of MS windows

     You and Tom become not so  poor  by doing so , but  acording to old
 Indian proverbs , those  who share  knowllede   become more true rich   as
you have more followers .
Thus you and TOM REED become Real GURU  OF Biomass  gasification , pirolise
 and combustion.

           After   very good  explaination  ofTom Mile  about  gasification
, pyrolysis , I am  sure that there is no poin consider this very complex
 proceess , simplify  trat as isolated expert as pyrolysis ,gasification
 and combustion..Thus combustion pyrolysis  can not be off topic to our
lists .

On behalf of the the   emerging economy BRICS, many thanks  for your open
minded very real scientific inovative  valuable asset to be acessibble not
only our list members  but also to any one

Kind regards

Happy New Year  and happy  hollidays to all

Pannirselvam ,P.V.Brazil
Research Group ,GPEC, Coordinator Computer aided  Cost engineering
DEQ – Departamento de Engenharia Química
CT – Centro de Tecnologia / UFRN, Lagoa Nova – Nata
*l/RNCampus Universitário. CEP: 59.072-970;North East,Brazil*
*Email:pannirbr at gmail.com <pannirbr at gmail.com> and ufrngpec at gmail.com
<ufrngpec at gmail.com>*

*Office email:gpecufrn at biomassa.eq.ufrn.br
<email%3Agpecufrn at biomassa.eq.ufrn.br>*

On Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 2:36 PM, Tom Miles <tmiles at trmiles.com> wrote:

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> Paul,
> Many thanks for keeping Tom's invaluable library and references accessible
> to all.
> Happy New Year,
> Tom Miles
> T R Miles Technical Consultants Inc.
> tmiles at trmiles.com
> www.trmiles.com
> www.stoves.bioenergylists.org
> www.gasifers.bioeergylists.org
> www.biochar.boenergylists.org
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> Paul Anderson
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> To: Discussion of biomass cooking stoves; Discussion of biomass pyrolysis
> and gasification; James S. Schoner; Shivayam Ellis;
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> Subject: Re: [Stoves] Reed, T. and R. Larson. (1996) and 3
> PRE-announcements
> The Reed-Larson article (1996) is at the www.drtlud.com/resources website.
> I am the custodian of the original stove of that article. The stove is
> dated
> 1995.
> PRE-announcements: (PRE because I will make a more formal announcement when
> the items have progressed further.)
> 1. ALL of the content of the former website of the Biomass Energy
> Foundation
> (BEF) (which dissolved in 2013) is being placed gradually and as fast as we
> can at the website of www.drtlud.com .
> 2. The registration of the domain name woodgas.com has been successfully
> transferred to my control. That URL will now point to and automatically
> link
> to a BEF section of the .../Resources section of drtlud.com . At some
> future
> time the woodgas.com address could also have additional functions.
> 3. The entire library of documents that were sold by the BEF in printed
> format is being transferred (and transformed where needed) to become
> available as FREE digital downloads. Some are quite large. Many are
> "classics of gasification literature." Two of those documents are currently
> available via www.drtlud.com/resources
> If you like the above news, please consider it to be gift to you from Tom
> Reed, Paul Anderson, James Schoner (website administrator), and the Biomass
> Energy Foundation and the Dr TLUD crew.
> Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!!
> May stoves and gasification and biochar all have an excellent 2014 !!!!
> Paul
> Doc  /  Dr TLUD  /  Prof. Paul S. Anderson, PhD
> Email:  psanders at ilstu.edu
> Skype: paultlud      Phone: +1-309-452-7072
> Website:  www.drtlud.com
> On 12/25/2013 3:06 AM, revjcsd at juno.com wrote:
> > Is the following article (or an update thereof) available somewhere?
> >
> > Reed, T. and R. Larson. (1996). "A wood-gas stove for developing
> countries."
> >
> > http://www.ikweb.com/enuff/public_html/TI.htm
> >
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
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