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Is anyone in Brazil using gasifiers for making charcoal/biochar and power? While I was in Brazil in 2010 the local soil scientist talked about using traditional charcoal kilns for making Biochar. I haven’t been following modern biochar production in Brazil except for the charcoal kilns used to supply the pig iron industry like Arcelor-Mittal Bioenergia (180 m3 charcoal/cycle), RIMA, Carbonex, CML, Delta,Eco-charcoal, DPC, and Ondatec.  Gasifiers might be an easier route if the heat or power can be used. As you probably know a couple of Ankur gasifiers are being used for Biochar and power here in the US. 


I understand that most recent studies in Brazil (CENBIO, UNICAMP, UNIQOESTE, UFRJ, Lora e Nogeuira) have shown that small scale gasifiers are not economic for generating power due primarily to the low load factor compared with the high capital cost. I wonder if a biochar co-product can improve the feasibility of gasification  in your economy. 


Have any of the traditional boiler suppliers in Brazil, like H. Bremer, developed modern equipment or making charcoal for fuel or biochar? Who are the principal suppliers for pyrolysis and gasification equipment in Brazil? 





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Greing  Mark  Ll


Brazil has the highest biodiversity of fisn , the  tambaqui , from amozonian can eat  any nuts , thus vegetarian  piranhas   as obseved by Darwins may be possible  , as well  obseved by Mark.L. .When man  become  problems piranhas need to eat  the aquatic grass and  bacteria can make protein needed by piranhas , all  has conected food web , wheer terra preta can play importnant role  too


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