[Gasification] Wood heating in the UK - whole log gasification

Dick Gallien dickgallien at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 22:10:23 CST 2013

Heating only with wood for over 50 years, I've used many wood burners,
large and small, like the Sedore which is rather crude.  Unlike forced air
furnaces they're easy to switch, so after 5 yrs. I've replaced it with
another used wood stove.

Always enjoyed splitting frozen blocks with wedges and a splitting maul,
but this pile is what town people pay to get rid of, so at 82 I got a two
way splitter which is fun to use, even on gnarled elm in hot weather. Have
3 wood burners going all winter. Sold one OWB after 14 years, that was 125'
from the house. Glad to be sitting near a Quadrafire, with no concern about
power, pumps and blowers.


Split Fire 3403 3pt log splitter with log lift -

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