[Gasification] Cheap charcoal manufacture

Big Daddy bigdaddy at offgridpro.com
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Exactly. The wood chips used had been sitting, semi-composting for 1-year. I
didn't try to hot compost the pile, but it was so large, I could see steam
coming off of it in the mornings for months.


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Hi Tom,

Do you have anything handy on what sort of conversion ratio (charcoal/input
biomass) you were getting from the stove? And have you had the char tested
for porosity etc?

And re the trials "Big Daddy" mentioned, I suspect you might get better
results if you dug the innoculated char into the the soil root zone. 
Topical application would probably be less effective. And nitrogen drawdown
in most backyard gardens with healthy soil is not much of an issue with
carbon rich mulch. Fresh chip can leach various chemicals that have an
effect on plants. The way to avoid this is to compost the mulch for a while.



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