[Gasification] 15kW gasifier generator installed for maize milling

Rex Zietsman rex at whitfieldfarm.co.za
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I have sent you an invitation to a Dropbox folder where you can see all the


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This sounds very promising, Rex

can you give me a hint where to find he pics but not on Facebook ?
What do you do with the wash water?



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> Hi everybody,
> I am back on the gasifier list from a long sabbatical. But, I have not 
> been idle! My colleague and I recently installed a wood fired gasifier 
> running a 15kW alternator driving a 7.5kW maize mill in northern 
> Mozambique. Here is a Facebook link for the photos and a short 15 
> second movie showing the plant running and milling maize:
> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whitfield-Agri/391405990981929. 
> Some of the interesting points:
> -> Gasifier: Trillion TG30 imported from Indonesia Gas cleaning: 
> -> irrigated balls located in the annulus around the gasifier
> main shell; cyclone for droplet removal; chemically activated sawdust 
> tar filter; sawdust safety filter and an Isuzu truck air filter as a 
> final gas filter
> -> Cooling tower: Cooling is done with a tray type cooling tower with
> cooling water circulated by 12V bilge pumps
> -> Motor: 4.1 litre Chev 6 cylinder
> -> Alternator: 380V ST synchronous alternator with AVR Uses LPG gas to 
> -> start the motor allowing the motor to draw the gas
> through the system. Once operating smoothly and gasfier glowing 
> adequately, the LPG is slowly shut off while the air/fuel ratio is 
> adjusted for the lower BTU syngas. This start up method works very 
> well - takes about 5 minutes to switch over from LPG to syngas
> I have a lot of experience and clearly a lot more technical specs if 
> anyone is interested. Post your queries and I will answer them so that 
> we all learn from our experience.
> Rex Zietsman
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