[Gasification] Urban adaptation Re: 15kW gasifier generator installed for maize milling

Rex Zietsman rex at whitfieldfarm.co.za
Fri Oct 4 15:26:30 CDT 2013

The target price all inclusive is $15 000 for a 22kW unit. We are working on
getting the cost below this and what you eventually ask for will determine
what you get. Note that we used reconditioned and not new motors.


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Hi Rex,

Thats cool nice you sharing video, that looks very clean compared to the
pallet gastifier, i would like to have that adapted though, is that possible
for a urban area as oppossed to rural area isse, also whats the cost
implication, thanks

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Subject: [Gasification] 15kW gasifier generator installed for maize milling

Hi everybody,

I am back on the gasifier list from a long sabbatical. But, I have not been
idle! My colleague and I recently installed a wood fired gasifier running a
15kW alternator driving a 7.5kW maize mill in northern Mozambique. Here is a
Facebook link for the photos and a short 15 second movie showing the plant
running and milling maize:

Some of the interesting points:
-> Gasifier: Trillion TG30 imported from Indonesia Gas cleaning: 
-> irrigated balls located in the annulus around the gasifier
main shell; cyclone for droplet removal; chemically activated sawdust tar
filter; sawdust safety filter and an Isuzu truck air filter as a final gas
-> Cooling tower: Cooling is done with a tray type cooling tower with
cooling water circulated by 12V bilge pumps
-> Motor: 4.1 litre Chev 6 cylinder
-> Alternator: 380V ST synchronous alternator with AVR Uses LPG gas to 
-> start the motor allowing the motor to draw the gas
through the system. Once operating smoothly and gasfier glowing adequately,
the LPG is slowly shut off while the air/fuel ratio is adjusted for the
lower BTU syngas. This start up method works very well - takes about 5
minutes to switch over from LPG to syngas

I have a lot of experience and clearly a lot more technical specs if anyone
is interested. Post your queries and I will answer them so that we all learn
from our experience.

Rex Zietsman

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