[Gasification] Bioenergy road show comes to Auburn Oct 12

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Hi Tom,

That's very beautiful, I was wondering when African Nations can benefit from such road shows, am very optimistic about Bio mass gatification for H2E projects, compared to incineration models.

Moreso, the amazing work done in Liberia with the pallet gastifier I don't think is clean enough. In your opinion how practical is it to run these models in other African countries. Also, as part of UN, UNEP & Worldbanks commitment to sustainability & monitization of these models, would you think grants can be made available for these road shows in developing nations or the G40 Nations.

Currently PVT is about the only alternative/renewable source of energy in Nigeria been harnessed. I am currently working on sustainability with Stakeholders in Nigeria,where majority of the people out there don't understand the technology fully.

Thanks for your time,look forward to reading from you real soon.


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