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Dear Tom and List
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  Dear Larry

  Congratulations on bringing Spanner RE2 online.  Excellent that you can use the gas (= electric power ) AND the heat. 

  # Succesful Projects such as this can only increase the wider acceptance and utilization of Biomass CHP. 

  Long term, I believe that FRACKING will make oil prices stable, so don't count on oil increasing in price. 
  # It appears that Fracking, and the lower cost gas and oil it can produce, are essential to the American Economy. The prediciton is that within a decade or two, the US will become a net Exporter of "petro energy." Already, there are CHP Projects that have been technical successes but economic failures, because their economics were built on projections of $10 Natural Gas. 

  # HOWEVER, there is a future for Biomass CHP, as there is a future for Wind, Solar, and other Renewable Energy Sources. There are many opportunities, or niche markets, for Biomass CHP that exist now, and more that will appear in the future, as "Climate Change Concerns" create more favourable opportunities for Biomass CHP.

  # The most attractive Biomass CHP opportunities seem to be in such areas as:
  1: Off-Grid Applications
  2: Using Biomass CHP to substiture for more expensive Diesel and Gasoline sourced energy, in contrast to lower cost Coal or Natural Gas sourced energy.
  3: Biomass "waste disposal" situations, such as from a wood working facility, or an "agricultural products facility", where biomass processing waste would otherwise incur a "tipping fee" for its disposal.
  4: Regions where "Green Legislation" requires the Utility to buy "Green Power" from independent generators at a fair price.


  # In general, Biomass Energy Projects inherently lack "economies of scale", and must "stay small" and use other advantages to ensure economic viability. There are a number of failed Biomass Energy Projects that were technically feasible, but were economic failures because "they were too big for their woodshed", ie, fuel costs were excessive because of the excessive distances from which wood had to be hauled. The key seems to be to "size the plant for the fuel source, and local economic advantages".

  Best wishes,


  Tom Reed

  On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, Larry Gooder <lgooder at borealiswoodpower.com> wrote:


    Possible interest to the group list:

    Borealis Wood Power Corp. has commissioned our Spanner RE2 wood gasification CHP at our Burlington Ontario facility.

    45 kWh electric and 100 kWh thermal using wood chips.

    Our base load electrical is being used behind the meter at our parent company, Summo Steel Corp. and presently using the thermal for chip drying, as the plant has no need for additional heat.

    Site visits available by appointment.

    Larry Gooder
    Mobile: (519) 671-6153
    Office:  (905) 319-0404 x 2


  Dr. Thomas B. Reed
  The Biomass Energy Foundation


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