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Yes, thanks to Christa and GTZ for an excellent gasifier manual and  finely Paal got the credit he desreved soo much.
A more detailed focus on biomass fuel and refinement, should be the next chapter on the agenda.
A lot can be done here, as well, along the whole production line from raw materials to finished products to the end user.
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What a gift! We all owe a huge thank-you to Christa and GIZ!

On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 10:49 AM, Paul Anderson <psanders at ilstu.edu> wrote:




      Stovers and All,

The Roth-edited and GIZ-HERA-published new addition of the manual on 

"Micro-gasification: Cooking with gas from dry biomass" is now 



And it is BEAUTIFUL as well as informative and up to date.   and is much 

enlarged, including a biochar section at the end.

I believe there will be some printed copies, but everyone should copy 

the .pdf file to have immediate access on their computers.

Thank you Christa and thank you GIZ.   Truly wonderful service!

Paul                   (with thanks to Bernie who told Nolbert who told 

the Stove Listserv.)

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On 4/4/2014 10:32 AM, Nolbert Muhumuza wrote:

> Hello,


> Mr. Bernhard Muller just shared with me this new edition of

> Micro-gasification manual 2014.


> https://energypedia.info/wiki/File:2014-03_Micro_gasification_manual_GIZ_HERA_Roth.pdf


> Nolbert.






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